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1 lb Popcorn Crunches $9.99 or 2/$19.00
Margarita Smores
Strawberry Daquiri White Waffle 
Pina Colada Chocolate Cookie
Butter Rum Maple Pecan
Chocolate Bacon
Dark Chocolate Chicago Cheese
Chocolate Cinniman  Chili Lime
Cinnamon Almond Sea Salt
Carmal Apple Dark Sea Salt
Peanut Butter
14 oz Chocolate Covered Pretzels $9.99 or 2/$19.00
Dark Sea Salt
8 oz or 1 lb Malt Balls 8 oz $6.99   1 lb $12.99
Peanut Butter
8 oz or 1 lb Handmade 8 oz $7.99 1 lb $14.99
Dark Raisins
Dark Peanuts
8 oz or 1 lb Handmade 8oz 9.99 1 lb $18.99
Red Cherries
Milk Cherries
Dk Cherries
Coffee Beans
Dk Coffee Beans
Assorted Chocolates $21.99/pound ( You can buy by the quarter lb)
Butter Toffee Milk or Dark
Caramels Milk, Dark, Sea Salt or Dark Sea Salt
Mint Meltaway Milk or Dark
Peanut Butter Meltaway Milk or Dark
Old Fashioned Toffee
Coconut Haystacks Milk or Dark
Jumbo Turtles Milk or Dark $5 each
Turtles Milk, Dark, White or Sea Salt
Almond Cluster
Cashew Cluster
Peanut Cluster Milk or Dark
Butter Creams
Chocolate Cherry Cordial Milk or Dark
Gold Boxes
5 oz Assorted Boxes Milk or Mint $10.99
8 oz Assorted Boxes Milk, Dark or Cream $15.99
12 oz Assorted Box Milk, Dark or Cream $24.99
Black Boxes
7oz Turtles Milk or Sea Salt $14.99
12 oz Mints Milk $15.99
15 oz Sea Salt Caramels Milk and Dark $21.99
Clear Boxes
4 piece Turtles $5.99 or 3/$15.00
5 piece Assortment $5.99 or 3/$15.00
Custom Baskets  $25 and up