Coffee/Espresso, Hot Chocolate, Available Hot (12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz),  or Iced (20 Oz) 

Columbian/decaf/Favor of the day Coffee  

Fresh roasted coffee 


Espresso & steamed milk (mostly foam) 


Fresh roasted beans 


Espresso and steamed milk (more milk than foam) 


Shots of espresso and hot water 

Cafe au Lait  

Fresh roasted coffee and steamed milk 

Chai Latte  

Steamed milk and chai tea 

Hot Chocolate 

Rich Milk chocolate, Dark Chocolate, or White chocolate  

LaSalle Hot Chocolate Milk or dark chocolate, steamed milk and a hint of mint 

Mexican Hot Chocolate  

Rich milk chocolate, steamed milk, chili powder and cinnamon 


Café, Lake Effect, or Midnight  

Kaffee Wein  

Freshly brewed coffee mixed with hot chocolate. 

Extra Charges for flavor, Extra Espresso, Soy Milk and Almond Milk May Apply