About The South Bend Chocolate Franchise

The South Bend Chocolate Company was started in 1994 by the Tarnar family in South Bend Indiana. In the early days, the factory produced chocolates exclusively for Notre Dame before expanding production. After popularity sky-rocketed, stores began popping up throughout the region surrounding South Bend and Indianapolis.


Today, there are a total of 15 stores in the states of Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan and over 500 different branded-products available. In addition to in-store sales and online orders, chocolate confections also ship nation-wide through our distributor network.  


The Chocolate Cafe (Michigan City)

The Michigan City Chocolate Cafe is located in the Lighthouse Mall Premium Shopping Outlet and brings the sweet taste of South Bend Chocolate to Michigan City. Along with mouth-watering chocolates, we also serve delicious sandwiches, salads, coffee and more!

Location:  307 Lighthouse Pl, Michigan City, IN 46360